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Novacoin network difficulty Copy URL
Dynamics of PoW and PoS difficulty, average per hour

Total coins in circulation Copy URL
Dynamics of coins volume, daily

   Block type:Aggregate  PoW  PoS 

Blocks and transactions count Copy URL
Total number of blocks and transactions and grouped by block type, daily

   Block type:Aggregate  PoW  PoS 

Transactions per block Copy URL
Average transactions count per block, hourly

Unique addresses used Copy URL
Number of unique addresses used, daily

Total output volume Copy URL
Total value of transactions per day, sorted by type

   Transaction type:Normal  PoW  PoS 

Matured outputs Copy URL
Outputs have age more than 30 days at the timestamp, summary output values and number of outputs, 4 hours

BTC-e market view Copy URL
Dynamics of market prices, 4 hours step, data provided from Penek's graphs


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